Getting started; unprisoning my think rhino.

How do I get started with my promising new career as a money making super-blogger?  Why I must first unprison my think rhino! I went on FB to look at ideas and see what Kelly Slater was up to (PS. its nothing)  and now all I can think about is channeling my yesness into a prism of intention.

It’s a good idea if you can find some music that helps you get inspired.   I popped on some tunes that really helped me unlock my inner purpose-dolphin. It was fluidizing.  I am trying to not get overwhelmed with the possibility, but I know that If I optimize my intelligence-spurts I can spray them directly onto my imagination board achieving maximum instinct-drive in my work-practice challenges. Oh, you know what I am thinking??! Not without a balanced breakfast.  I can speed-eat an omega-rich cricket pasta and trick my body into decreasing my DNA levels by +19 points. More hydration.  Carb loading.   Evolution optimisation.  I found the nutrition-answer somewhere between a Kale smoothie and chardonnay served in a men’s loafer. #itssize9somewhere

Like a sprig of heather preserved in a bible, good intentions have kept me out of the potpourri of life, out of the purview of the media and thusly the world.  #fakenews  I realise that I need to get inspired and find a place where I can spread my creative wings.  A place where no one will judge me, where I can feel the pressure to succeed melt away like so many ice creams in the warm bath. #Narcissism   Is it here?  On this ….blog???  Nobody knows.

Someone once said that Sam Walton was 44 when he started Walmart.  And I am 39 when I started blogging, which is now. So success is not about anything in the rule books of time.  The bottom line is don’t let any muffin-bubbler that comes around tell you what you can and cannot do.  It’s your oyster-tunity!! Life is a constant companion and let’s just have a good time, half- listening and beings know it alls.




Credits; Think Rhino Comedy – I have no idea who made this up because it’s been commandeered so many times.  If you know the author of this joke please let me know.  I would like to buy them a toot-napkin.


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