Cornbread that I made that was good

I have a difficult time following the rules. This is made especially hard with baking because you “have to do exactly what the recipe says” or else your baking will turn out like shit. ‘Nailed it! Baking fails’ are funny and hilarious but probably terrible and embarrassing to eat. With that said since I literally cannot follow any rules, I have found a way around it with some baking applications.
Cornbread is yummy day and night. For breakfast in lieu of toast or a muffin, at lunch when you are too lazy to make something else and at dinner with fried chicken and collard greens. MMMmmmm Its also fairly deserty, and can be sugared up in many ways, or paired with ice cream and you just name it, cornbread is there for you. For that reason, it is one of the only things I have ever learned to bake. Naturally, I must bastardize it.
So, without any further build up… a recipe I made that was good; cornbread edition.

Combine dry ingredients (I call this the mostly non-negotiable section)
¾ cup dehydrated corn powder ( I used the Momofuku Milkbar version ) I think this makes the recipe better than it would be with just cornmeal – which is also a type of dehydrated corn, albeit way processed. I will try to make some dehydrated corn one day – apparently, it’s a traditional Native American staple and it sounds cool.
¾ cup cornmeal
½ cup corn flour
1 cup all-purpose flour
¾ cup sugar – white
1 tbsp baking powder
1 Tsp salt – I added a few extra sprinkles because salty and sweet.
¼ – ½ cup chia seeds – if you want to look/act like a healthy person who cares about not treating your body like a garbage dump – which I do not – you can add these little miracles to almost anything. I suppose I care more than I don’t, and chia seeds do help you to poop, so even though this does not apply to alcohol and dairy, I guess I do want to act like I care about healthy recipes. Really, I put these bad-ass chia seeds in because I recently bought a 10 lb bag of them at Costco.

Combine wet ingredients; lightly blend with a mixer or by hand
2 large eggs
1 ½ cups milk (3%) – Go with the creamiest milk you can get. You can also substitute buttermilk but I cannot confirm or deny the deliciousness of this. Hell, you can substitute whipping cream and I wouldn’t judge you but again, not tested and thus could go off the rails. Although, I would do it.
1 tbsp maple syrup – You could use honey too! I like maple syrup because it is natures candy.
3 or 4 tbsp butter (melted) – I added 2 x as much as most recipes called for and I also didn’t properly measure it. I think the butter makes it better! That’s a fact.

1 tsp vanilla extract – I added this but no recipe calls for it so it’s optional. However, please let it be noted that I went rogue here and it was amazing.
1 tsp olive oil – You can use or not use this but it usually calls for vegetable oil, which I didn’t have.

Mix together the wet and dry ingredients until fully combined. I accidentally used a mixer and blended the crap out it because I just do whatever the fuck I want. This didn’t wreck it so if you do this its ok. However, most recipes call for hand mixing until combined fully. Some even explicitly say fold with a spatula, which is even less mixing than regular mixing. You decide.
Grease an 8” baking pan with butter and bake at 350 for 25-30 mins. I quickly broiled at the end because the top wasn’t browned yet. Do this for like 1 minute otherwise it will burn and you will cry the tears of a thousand idiots.

You can also do the muffin thang and I think the math on this is ‘same temperature less time’.  Since that is clearly not accurate, but what I would definitely do,  you may want to google it or do whatever you think is best.

Let it stand covered on the counter for 10 mins to get that moist cake moistness action working for you and your tasty cake-bread.
Eat with so many buttery butters after you warm it up gently, under the feathery wing of a fallen angel.




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