Seen by pigeon

I saw this pigeon the first day I took my camera out after committing to it for a 3-year term at 4.6%.   This pigeon saw me for me.  This pigeon showed me that I too had something to offer.  Actually, we locked eyes and she told me in a real adult human voice that I should make this blog site which, naturally, I did not do.

I spent the time between then and now doing a million things and that which was gained will probably supply the literary and comedic poundage this blog will need to make it in the world and so I’m not too upset about it.

Someone famous once said that starting somewhere is tantamount to doing anything.  So I belong in that place where one begins and yet has not yet begun at all.  Except for starting and I think that only counts if you do it another time too.  I can’t say for sure if this is an indication of what’s to come but I literally cannot put it off anymore.  Wait no further!

I am not sure if we will ever meet again but I owe a great deal to this feathery specter… this stranger in the park.  Perhaps I will keep one eye out for you pigeon though you will always be with me inside of my heart.  And also I have this photo of you.

lost pigeon


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